Investment – offers 05/2020

Here you will find the monthly overviews of companies we support with the succession or for sale.

Metal constructionThe company manufactures metal constructions, mainly for large commercial customers.Bavaria1m €11
Automation technologyAutomation technology is a versatile company in the fields of toolmaking, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering for more than 20 years.Baden-Württemberg – South of German8m €60
aluminium processingthe ncompany processes aluminium and manufactures parts for the automotive industryBaden-Württemberg – South of German3m €25
electronicFrom layout to the PCB. The company specializes represents an innovative service company with a focus on rapid and cost-effective manufacturing of electronic components and devices as well as repair.Southern Bavaria4m €20
MetalworkingMetalworking, milling, grinding, polishing, labeling is part of the standard of this company with excellent foreign contacts.Southern Bavaria1m €2,5
Farm-SaxonyFarm with nearly 17m Acres. Different units, like milk, bull fattening, pig breeding and pig fatteningSaxony-Anhalt  4m € 
One of the bigger European potato dealer  collection, storage, sorting and marketing of potato and onion – Europe-wideEastern-Germany5m €18
Farm Brazilarable farming, e.g. soy, nearly 5 million acresBrazil2,2m € 
Tourism – travel branchThe company produces tourism studies, marketing plans and masterplans. This firm has the world’s most comprehensive tourism database on European, Arabian, Asian, North and South American outbound travel behavior. This covers more than 90% of the international travel demand.Germany2m €6
Mechanical engineering  Special machine construction, Precision CNC processing, assembly gathering  South of Germany9 m €.55
The offers are subject to change and are based on information provided by the sellers.
Liability is not assumed for this.

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