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You want to expand and you´re looking for a company in Germany, Austria or Switzerland?

We find the right target and accompany you throughout the process.

Current M&A offers

Investment – offers 05/2020 Here you will find the monthly overviews of companies we support with the succession or for sale. sector business region Turn-over employees   Metal construction The company manufactures metal constructions, mainly for large commercial customers. Bavaria 1m € 11 Automation technology Automation technology is a versatile…

If you havn’t found…

If you havn’t found… …an interesting target, inform us about your wishes and ideas and we will find it. You only have to send us the following contact form with more details:

About us

We provide creative solutions:
fast, experienced and very discreet

…we are not a big, worldwide player, therefore you are not only a “number” for us.

After we are a small company with only nine employees, we are faster than others and we are more concerned.

We have been active in succession consulting since 1984. First in the agricultural sector, then in the upstream and downstream sectors and now for many years across all industries.

That is why we know the markets, the personal concerns of the seller and of the entrepreneurs.

We have the experience you need for a successfully take over of a company.

We strive to satisfy you – promised.

Finding the right company is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Do you have the time to look for it?